Owen Kew - Donation

Owen Kew (6) is a bright little boy imprisoned in a malfunctioning body - he has dystonic cerebral palsy. He has enough hand movement to enable him to operate a particular type of wheelchair. It is not available on the NHS. The cost of the chair and associated costs - 14000 - was well beyond the means of the family. But mum, Helen, set about raising the money. Smart Wheel Chairs, a national charity supported by household names such as M&S agreed to buy the basic chair.This left around 3000 to be raised locally for personalization and alterations.

The Pangbourne Lodge of the Masons contributed. Pangbourne and Theale Lions Club took on local fundraising running fetes, whist drives, tombolas and quizzes, receiving donations. They also appealed to neighboring Lions Clubs. Newbury, Loddon Valley (Tadley) and Basingstoke answered the call. The picture you see here is the result. One little boy who has taken to his chair like a duck to water, and is already very proficient in its use, with three representatives of the Lions Clubs who helped make it happen.

The whole project is a good example of what can be achieved when the wider and local community recognize a cause worth supporting and pull together.