Newsletter - August 2022

As, like others, we struggle to come out of ‘Covid times’ (ARE we?) we can still report a busy few months in which we have reminded the world ‘we’re here – still’. With events since March involving sport (Swimathon), CHOCOLATE (Easter Egg raffle), culture (concert), fun (fête appearances), environment (Queens Green Canopy tree plantings), health (spex.collex), and general p.r. (awareness day) and a ‘How To Lennie’ (a new verb in the Lions lexicon!) podcast , we’re continuing to show we’re ‘small but perfectly formed’!

But also important to record is the Melvin Jones Fellowship (MJF) bestowed on Lion Rex Sinden, a member for just 2 years short of what would be a Ruby anniversary (40 years). This honour takes its name from the founder of Lions Clubs International and is the highest form of recognition that can be presented to acknowledge an individual’s dedication to humanitarian service. We are proud to count 5 members in the recent past and currently, as recipients of an MJF.

In Lion Rex’s case, he was in his earlier days involved with organising our annual Pro/Am golf tournament and Amateur Boxing nights, both of which were popular but have long been consigned to the dustbowl of history. Subsequently, he has been President 7 times, plus taken extra stints in that role in what we’ve recorded as ‘Various’ – those who stepped up during 2 years when others didn’t! As Treasurer for a few years he watched over our coffers, as International Officer he continues to arrange twinning visits to and from our friends in Alençon Lions Club, has remained a firm fixture on the Welfare Committee, has been Dinner Secretary more than once (and is still), and this year was cajoled into finally accepting the role of Zone Chair – the latter may not mean a lot to the reader but it does to us as it allows him to be our link with those further up the ‘foodchain’ who govern how we operate. (Read more about him by clicking HOME then MEET THE MEMBERS.) 

Congratulations – and thank you for your ‘service’, Lion Rex!