Newsletter - February 2022


Ending what was for pretty much everyone a ‘challenging’ period with our customary supermarket Christmas tinshakes, we were concerned the great Basingstoke public may not feel so ‘charitable to charities’, especially at that expensive time – how wrong we were. Sincere thanks to everyone who reached into their pockets for whatever they could afford – they brought warmth to the chilled tinshakERS on duty, including ‘Lennie’ the Lion (even he/she gets cold!).

And in February we got into the musical groove again – finally! Readers may know we excel at putting on events to gladden the musical heart, either through still and soundless listening or, as in the case with our magical Motown/Soul evening (courtesy of the supremely talented Mr. Lou Taylor), some manic bopping – a lot of booty-shaking was in evidence – all accompanied by an overriding vibe that it was so  ‘good to get out there again’.

On the strength of our successful October book sale, another was staged specifically in the February half-term (‘Lennie’ is a vital ingredient for some of the smaller readers) and with equal success, although prepping it during Storm Eunice was…interesting! No pain, no gain.

Book sale

By the time you read this our annual – but not for 2 years (wonder why?!) – Swimathon will either have happened or be about to do so in early March… 9 teams compete for the trophy, swimming relays in limited time - always a popular event. 

The merry (we hope) month of May will see a concert by the popular Heritage Orchestra at the Haymarket Theatre in the town  ( – and then, of course, we’ll be adding our usual ‘Lions Den’ putting game to various summer fetes…

AND we recruited a new member!

AND we’re still planting Queen’s Green Canopy trees!

As per the title, we’re definitely ‘roaring’ again - to fulfil our motto, ‘We serve’.