Newsletter - October 2019

We scored three strikes and two spares this month. Strike one was the performance at the British Legion by Ali Mac. What a brilliant group they are. Not only did our charity fund get a significant boost, but the band got two more bookings from attendees, and both our Club and the British Legion intend to include them in future programmes.

Strike two was one of the members achieving octogenarian status for which she was showered with cards, flowers and jewellery which rendered her speechless. (Unfortunately this is too expensive an approach to use on some of the others).

Strike three, we inducted a new member into the Club. She was first read the riot act (code of ethics) by the President and then welcomed by the whole Club. This welcome was redoubled when, at the end of the business meeting, she produced two beautiful homemade cheesecakes. (Truly the way to a Lion’s heart is through its stomach!) She has been a supporter for many years and we are delighted that she has now felt able to join us.

Spare one was a bloke who came along to the meeting to look us over. But we doubt whether he’ll convert into a strike.

Spare two was another bloke who got talking to our organisers when he brought old specs to our stall on World Sight Day. Our display showed not only how Lions across the world have contributed to the battle against blindness, but many of the other ways in which we in Basingstoke have served our local community. He joined us for a dinner meeting and will attend a business meeting in November to see if we are as riotous as we appear.

World Sight Day: Was very successful as usual, boosted by Breeze FM and Helping Hands for the Blind Community Radio who supported it throughout the day, and then Hampshire TV where our organizer, Ann Vicars, gave a very good talk on the work of both Lions International and the Basingstoke Lions. Even I learned something.

Christmas Cash Collections:

Given the weather conditions we normally encounter it is not surprising that these take their toll on the members. But we continue because it enables us to give a little extra to those organisations which are directly involved with the disadvantaged and elderly. The people of Basingstoke have always supported us very generously, and, should anyone feel able to offer us a 2 hour shift, please contact Baz Morgan at who will probably be able to accommodate you. Many thanks.

Melvin Jones Fellowship Award:

This recognizes outstanding community service given by an individual member of Lions Clubs International. This month it was awarded to Denis White who has given 48 of his 97 years to the service of the people of Basingstoke. We celebrated (which is something at which we excel). Well done Denis!

2020: We have a blank canvas! Any suggestions?

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