Donation by Association

A key feature of some of our fundraising events is that participants can obtain a sponsorship form from us as a means of raising money for their own project. Clearly it has to be for something the Lions Club would be prepared to support. Mainstream charities such as REHAB, St Michael's Hospice, Naomi House, Macmillan Nurses etc would pass as a matter of course. But, we also normally allow fundraising for schools and personal initiatives such as attending an International Scout Jamboree, a Prince's Trust project or Outward Bound course. Most activities which have a charitable objective and/or lead to personal improvement would be approved.

As a general rule, when we charge an entry fee to participate in an event, it is deemed to cover our costs of putting on the event and a donation to our charity account. If we do not charge an entry fee, we rely on half of the sponsorship raised to fund our costs and charity work, and the other half can be allocated to a nominated charitable cause.