All of the fund raising activities of the club are undertaken so that we can support good causes at all levels from local to international. To help with decisions about where our help should be targeted we have a Welfare Committee.

The Welfare Committee meets monthly to consider requests for help from groups and on behalf of individuals. The Committee then makes recommendations to the Club for decision. At the same time the Club also considers grants to help with local initiatives and major disasters.

Over the last year the Club has made over 80 awards ranging from 40 to 2,000; many of the smaller awards are in response to requests for help from housing associations or social workers requesting us to assist with the provision of, for example, domestic appliances, food vouchers etc. in emergency situations. To ensure that funds are used for the purpose intended, most awards are made by voucher or by cheque direct to a supplier or charity.

Some of the major awards have been to:-

Sebastian's Action Trust

Hampshire Air Ambulance

Saxonwood School for their new sensory garden

Naomi House Children's Hospice. During the building phase the 66 Lions Clubs in our District banded together and raised 75,000. The Lions Clubs International Fund donated a like amount making the Lions contribution to the project 150,000

SightFirst programme against preventable blindness

North Hampshire Hospital liver department

Mayor's Charities

Haiti Earthquake appeal

Pen House for young homeless people

We have also helped a number of young people who are travelling abroad to help disadvantaged children.

Please be advised that we will never ask anyone seeking a grant from Lions Clubs International or from any Lions Club to make any payment to secure a Lions grant. Anyone contacting you by telephone, by letter or online and offering a Lions grant in exchange for a fee or advance payment to secure a Lions grant is doing so fraudulently, and you should not proceed with the matter.