Newsletter - July 2020


At last we escaped sequestration and actually met for Handover. It was a pretty joyful occasion even though social distancing was still the norm. I think a lot of the “joy” was occasioned by the fact that there was no handover whatsoever. It was very definitely a case of “stet” as far as the top jobs were concerned.

But there was nevertheless cause for celebration as we welcomed Sarah Williams and Charlotte Gruntowska into the Club. Both have already proven their worth in many ways, but particularly in their support for the Fleet computer regeneration and distribution scheme. And they are full of ideas!!!!

Half way through the evening our President, Tony Bamberger, was left uncharacteristically lost for words when, to universal acclaim, he was voted our Lion of the Year. It was an award very well earned. All in all we look forward to the year ahead with some optimism.

Since 1992 Quiz Nights have been a good fundraiser for us. In fact we were due to have one in April at the Cliddesden Millenium Hall when the dreaded Corona Virus struck and we were forced to cancel. We (I) have been slow to exploit the potential of Zoom for this activity. But, on 1 August, we’re going to have a go. Our regulars have been as slow to react as we have, but applications are now rolling in. Should be fun provided there are no slips between cup and lip!!

We are also now considering acts which we might get to perform for us at the British Legion. We have a number of groups who have given us Jazz, Motown and Rock nights there which were well supported. And it boosts the takings of the Legion (which is of course another charity) as well as ours.

And the stop press news is that we will be having our next business meeting there instead of on Zoom. Yippee!!!!

Remember, you too can help to make a difference to the lives of others by joining us via

Philip Wilson