Why you might help

I have been sitting here remembering how I became a member of the Basingstoke Lions Club. I had been approached by a neighbour to join, but rejected the invitation on the grounds that I was working long hours, often away from home, and in any case had no interest in any such organization. A couple of months later my wife was going out for the evening. I met my neighbour on the way to get the newspaper and was bemoaning the fact that there was nothing worth watching on TV that evening. He suggested that I join him at the Lions business meeting. There was no commitment to any further contact as visitors were welcome to attend meetings and events for up to 3 months before making up their minds whether they wanted to join. I went.  

I met people from a variety of walks of life - a farmer, a bank manager, a welder, an accountant, an engineer, a quantity surveyor, an electrician, a motor mechanic etc etc. I expected the meeting to be a pretty boring affair. It wasn't. It was full of humour and friendly bickering. But it got through the business of authorizing donations and organizing events at great speed. I was invited to join their next fundraising effort - a stall at a local fete. I declined. But, when the day came, I went along to see what they were doing and how they ran it. It all seemed pretty straight forward and they were obviously enjoying it. I stood in when one of the members went off for lunch and found myself enjoying it. The rest, as they say, is history  - 29 years of it. I became a member of the Club, not through any sense of wishing to help people, but as a result of accident and boredom.  

Since then I have gained a much better understanding of people and their problems and the ways in which they can be helped without directly interfering in their lives. I've also learnt to do all sorts of things of which I had previously no experience. It all becomes easy when you are surrounded by people who are always willing to muck in and do what they can to ensure success. Lion's events are always a team effort. Everyone gives what time they can afford and fits what they do to their own lifestyle. Nowadays you do not even have to join the Club. You can become a "Friend of the Lions" which means that you are told about our activities and can support them if you choose. But my main message is "why don't you switch off the TV and do something less boring instead"? Join us.You'll enjoy it!