Newsletter - April 2018

The last business meeting was an unusually turgid affair due in no small measure to discussion of how we will comply with the new Data Protection Act. Like most government legislation these days it is designed to appease a whingeing minority, will cause a lot of effort by organisations across the spectrum, and offer little or no “protection” whatsoever. Nevertheless as a law abiding group we must comply. You’ll be hearing from us.

I’ve just been given a poke with a sharp stick over my total failure to report our Annual Swimmathon which took place on Saturday 3rd March. I’ve no idea where I was. But by all accounts it was its usual rollicking success and sponsorship money continues to roll in. Yippee!!!

Next I’d like to thank all the pubs, their licencees and customers for the wonderful way they’ve supported both us and their own favoured charities by buying tickets for our Easter Egg raffle. By adopting the shared approach we’ve also become aware of the work of a specialist baby unit to which we have now made an additional donation.

However, into each life a little rain must fall! For the first time in over 20 years we had to cancel a show. We had engaged a stage hypnotist, Grant Saunders. Some members had seen his show and found it both innocuous and hilarious. But it clearly lacked appeal and ticket sales were vanishingly small.  We had to pull the plug. Fortunately Grant fully understood and did not ask for his fee. But it was a great pity both for him and for the dancers of the Basingstoke Academy of Dance who had been looking forward to performing for us as a support act. We’ll try to get them along to a future event.

Currently in the programme we have Motown Music with Lou Taylor on 22 September – The Caerphilly Male Voice Choir on 13 October – Quiz Night on 3 November – The Hampshire Police Band on 17 November. If any of these ring your bell or toot your flute get in touch with us via the website

or one of the usual suspects – .

We spent £940 supporting small charities in need of a little extra cash. Fortunately there were no requests for white goods this month as, having cornered the market, we’ve now exhausted it.

I’m not going to say anything else about membership this month. There’s a relief!!!