Newsletter - August 2019

This month we thought about “The Future”. This is a perfectly sensible thing to do, particularly when you’re convinced (against all evidence to the contrary) that you are immortal. The particular aspect of the future that we have been considering is our concerts programme. It has been successful for many years and funded much of our charity work. Alas, even though we have tried to bring in fresh acts, costs have risen, audiences have shrunk and we are now barely operating at break even point. That cannot continue. So our “little grey cells” are being given a work out as we look for an alternative approach to this aspect of our fundraising. Of course a few new members with new ideas would be very welcome. Attendance at one of our business meetings is a good start. They’re like a sip of ambrosia in an otherwise humdrum life. Just use the “contact us” button on our website to begin your trip upon our magic sailing ship (name that song!!!).

Ali Mac’s Rhythm and Blues band appear for us on 5th October at the Royal British Legion Club in Old Basing. These guys have got a pretty good pedigree. Tickets are available from Tony Bamberger, telephone 01256 850254, Maurice Hockley email: or telephone 01256 421867, Toucan Travel at Chineham or direct from our website .

Quiz Night at the Cliddesden Millenium Hall is on 9th

November. Another set of 110 excruciating questions for you to grapple with. If you fancy your chances email .You need a team of 3 or 4 and a short pithy team name. Visit our website to see the full format of the evening.

A week later, on 16th November, the Heritage Light Orchestra will play a concert of music associated with places on the route of the Orient Express for us at QMC. These concerts are specially designed for us and feature local musicians and singers. They’re well worth supporting.

Organisation to celebrate World Sight Day in the Malls is well advanced. Remember this is your annual opportunity to speak to someone who may be able to advise you or point you towards the right people to approach on sight related matters, and to donate your unwanted spectacles for recycling to the 3rd world. Lennie the Basingstoke Lion will be scaring the bejasus out of the unsuspecting public as usual.

On the Welfare front the most interesting case to come to our attention was a “smelly” washing machine. Dennis “the Hitman” Crouch has been despatched with 2 boxes of calgon to sort it out. Sic transit Gloria Mundi!!!!!!!!!! And no, that wasn’t the lady’s name.

Remember you too can journey happily into total insanity by joining us via