Newsletter - December 2017

VDG Ken Staniforth attended our last business meeting. He’s always a welcome guest as he’s not one of the platitude peddling corporate clones that we often entertain. The purpose of his visit (apart from enjoying our delightful company) was to present some long service awards. So, congratulations Brian (45 years) and Denise (15 years). Between those two stalwarts would have been Philip (30 years) had I not been off sunning myself in New Zealand. Instead, when my name was announced some wag muttered “who’s Philip?” which apparently caused mass hysteria. So, what follows is a bit of pay back! The Club celebrated the festive season with a Christmas Dinner. I’ve seen the pictures. It was more like something out of “The Rue Morgue”. And apparently there was some dirty dancing – the mind boggles! It’s much more likely to have been reminiscent of “The Monster Mash” by Bobby Pickett. Enough already! 

 Members of the Club have been out at various locations tin shaking in aid of our Christmas Giving. Thank you all for your marvellous response. The guy who said “you’d have to bring back public hanging to enthuse the people of Basingstoke” clearly got it all wrong. All it takes is Lennie our dancing Lion, a bit of lively music, and everyone gets right into the spirit of the season – at least we hope that was the spirit that got into the man who donated the entire contents of his pockets. Those whom we have helped in the past are always particularly generous, and you warmed the cockles of our collective hearts by supporting our first Bunnings Sausage Sizzle when the temperature was a lip - blistering 3 degrees. Once again, many thanks. It was also great to be congratulated several times on the quality of our shows, particularly the Sussex Jazz Kings and the Heritage Light Orchestra. We also had a request to bring back ABBA Sensation, but that will have to wait until 2019. 

 Our Christmas community support commitments currently stand at £2400. But we’ve had a couple of other requests, special blankets for refugee children in Syria, and an entertainer for children having to spend Christmas in Basingstoke Hospital. We will support both. 

10/02/2018 Moscow Drug Club at QMC – tickets are selling like hotcakes. Call Maurice, you might get lucky. Contact Maurice Hockley: Email or Tel: 01256 421867.  

03/03/2018 Swimathon at the Town Centre Pool – This is an early opportunity to get a team together and get “summer” fit. It’s a tough event, but the enthusiasm on the night is hard to beat! Contact Tony Bamberger: Email  or Tel: 01256 850254. 

 17/03/2018 Murder Mystery at St Leonards Oakley – Well-known and popular Oakley resident Ann Davis is organising the murder and mayhem for us. Latest scuttlebutt is that a member of the audience will be the “victim” Fancy your chances? You can bring your own food and drink to help the brain spot the clues as the evening progresses. Contact: John Hibberd: Email  or Tel: 01256 461086.  

Details of all events can be found on the Upcoming Events page.  

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