Newsletter - February 2018



Sorry there was no January report. Household duties in Sydney kept me firmly chained to the kitchen sink when I wasn’t wallowing in the sea to avoid heat exhaustion. I’m back in Lions harness now with my nose firmly stuck to the grindstone. (Picture that!!!)

One of the problems now facing us, and every other organisation which relies on distribution lists, is that there is new Data Protection legislation which requires that we hold positive authority to hold some personal details on our database. We have formed a committee to see how we can best comply. But I draw it to your attention now because you may soon find yourself deluged with a blizzard of requests from uncle Tom Cobley and all to give permission to hold basic communication information about you.

Our first event of the year was the concert given for us at QMC by the Moscow Drug Club. Everyone has been raving about it. Not only did they love their music, which can best be described as gypsy jazz, but they loved the musicians themselves who mingled freely with the audience during breaks. They were very friendly as well as being exceptionally talented and versatile on a variety of instruments. We hope we will be able to entice them back to play for us again.

Our next events are a Quiz Night at Cliddesden Millenium Hall on 7 April:

Contact Philip Wilson  to reserve your table for 4 (remember we can only accommodate 22 teams), hotly followed by a double bill at QMC on 14 April – Grant Saunders, a hilarious stage hypnotist, and dancers from the Basingstoke Academy of Dance. You can buy tickets direct from this website, or tel: 01256 421867, or Toucan Travel at the Chineham shopping Centre. This promises to be one of our most interesting shows.

In my last report I mentioned our first Bunnings Sausage Sizzle. Well, sausages are always favourites with Lions so we’ve done several more. Quite apart from raising money for charity they provide an excellent opportunity for our members to have fun working together, and it seems no one has gained too much weight.

This brings me to the vexed question of membership. Through our fundraising and welfare work we have helped many people and many organisations over the past 50 years. But, without new members, that help which has been vital to so many may soon disappear. I would therefore earnestly entreat you to consider joining us. You can easily get in touch with us through this website by putting your contact details on the “Contact Us” page. Someone will get in touch and invite you to come along to one of our meetings where you can meet us and see what we are like; there would be absolutely no pressure on you to join - just an opportunity to ‘suck it and see’...