Newsletter - July 2017 

Mentally and physically we seem to have gone walkabout this month. After the effort and excitement of the preceding three months, our get up and go definitely got up and went. One can only hope that during the lull, ideas for fresh new projects have been stewing in our members fertile imaginations. I’m not holding my breath.


The Heritage Light Orchestra

played for us for the fifth time at QMC on the 8th. It was a magnificent display of the talent that abounds in Basingstoke. The 40 strong orchestra, 6 singers and a church choir of 20 came together under the direction of Neil Streeter who had composed a “sea” themed programme of music containing well known pieces from musicals, radio and TV. “ The Sailor’s Hornpipe”, “Fare well and Adieu” and “Home Sweet Home” were a few of the tunes which were enjoyed before the church choir joined the orchestra to sing “The Sailors’ Hymn” and multiple choruses of “Rule Brittania” which had the whole audience standing, stamping their feet and singing at the tops of their voices. They loved it.


16/09/2017 The Sussex Jazz Kings at QMC: One of our most popular events. You can buy tickets direct from our website, from

or tel: 01256 421867, or Toucan Travel at the Chineham shopping Centre.


a.The Dove House Project:

Phase I of our joint project with Loddon Valley Lions and Team Rubicon to refurbish and update the interior is complete. We are now looking at the exterior where the gutters are in urgent need of attention. Any financial or physical support would be very welcome. “Contact Us” through our website.

b.Disport Games: We have pledged financial and physical assistance. If anyone else is able to help in any way, please contact the Treasurer, Pauline Lentell, on 07721473465. Without further support it will be cancelled.

LIONS CLUB MEMBERSHIP: Put your contact details on  the “Contact Us” page and someone will get in touch.