Newsletter - November 2017

Our last business meeting was one of those occasions when the use of the Presidential gavel had as much effect as stick of wet celery. There was an end of term feel about the whole evening which was exacerbated by the impaired hearing from which most of us suffer (but won’t admit). So it was a high decibel meeting. On the plus side, everyone got fined for their intransigent behaviour which helps to swell our admin fund. Also, after an hour and a half, the President got fed up with us and declared the meeting closed.

Fortunately we still managed to conclude our preparations for the festive season ie. collecting at various retail outlets and organising shifts for our “Sausage Sizzle” at Bunnings on 16th December. Our Christmas community support commitments currently stand at £2400 – so we need your support please. 

During the month we had our second biannual quiz which raised £458.30. I thought I’d set a difficult quiz, but I was proved wrong as 6 teams managed to score over 80 out of the possible 110 points. Who would have thought that so many people would know so much about opera, generals and murders as well as the general trivia? 

Our fundraising programme for next year is nearly complete and our first offerings are: 

10/02/2018 Moscow Drug Club at QMC – very entertaining. This group are receiving accolades wherever they play and this was the only date they had available. So come and see them with us before they hit the big time. Contact Maurice Hockley: Email or Tel: 01256 421867 

03/03/2018. Swimathon at Town Centre Pool – This is an early opportunity to get a team together and get “summer” fit. It’s a tough event, but the enthusiasm on the night is hard to beat! Contact Tony Bamberger: Email  or Tel: 01256 850254. 

17/03/2018 Murder Mystery at St Leonards Oakley – Well-known and popular Oakley resident Ann Davis is organising the murder and mayhem for us. Her reputation (and that of her local team) is such that Oakley may very well become the next “Midsommer”.  You can bring your own picnic and we will be running our usual competitively priced bar. Should be fun! Contact: John Hibberd: Email  or Tel: 01256 461086.  

Details of each event can be found on Upcoming Events page.  


Put your contact details on the “Contact Us” page and someone will get in touch.