Newsletter - October 2017

As we had no fundraising event of our own to occupy us this month, ten of us toddled off to Andover to support their Lions Club’s Pink Pig Race and Giraffe Sprint in aid of the Children’s Hospice. The Lions performed admirably.  Alas, the same cannot be said of the electrically powered Pigs and Giraffes which were subject to a torrent of encouragement (abuse) as they raced (juddered) towards the winning post. It was a really good fun evening and I’m sure the Hospice benefitted accordingly. World Sight Day (WSD): This United Nations and Lions Clubs International supported day is always the second Thursday of October. 45 million people across the world are blind, very many through preventable or curable conditions. This has been a central concern of  Lions Clubs since their birth in 1917. Here in Basingstoke we are lucky to have Ann Vicars, who is very well versed in the subject, to organize our awareness and advice stall in Festival Place on the day. We are also very lucky to have marvelous support from all the opticians in the town and from organisations like Helping Hands for the Blind, the Macular Disease Society and others. It is amazing how many people stop by the stall on the day with questions which can either be answered on the spot, referred to the appropriate Society or the helpful Council services.

Throughout the year Lions Clubs across the country collect redundant pairs of spectacles which are forwarded for cleaning, grading and distribution to the world’s poorest people. We collected 1500 on WSD making our total since April over 3000. Thank you everyone.

We spent £700 to replenish our stock of “Message in a Bottle” packs. This scheme encourages people at risk to keep their medical/ medicine details in one of our special bottles in their fridge so that in the event of an incident requiring emergency service attendance the team can react accordingly. It is a free service and packs can be obtained from GPs surgeries and chemists. UPCOMING December will see us out and about collecting at various retail outlets as usual and we will be doing a “Sausage Sizzle” at Bunnings on 16th December.

10/02/2018 Moscow Drug Club at QMC – very entertaining. 

03/03/2018 Swimathon at Town Centre Pool – great fun but exhausting. 17/03/2018 Murder Mystery at St Leonards Oakley – who knows?