Quiz Report - April 2017

Thank you very much indeed for turning out to support us last night and for making it such a fun evening. The quiz itself raised 525+ (still a few bits and bobs to be brought to account). That is a remarkable contribution from 16 teams.  

What was even more remarkable was that you bought 38 strips of tickets for our "Super Raffle" which means another 190 to our Charity Trust Fund account. The draw takes place at our 50th Charter Night Dinner on 29th April. So I'll let you know the outcome on 1st May. Good Luck - you deserve it. 

I have to say a big thank you to my club members too. If they weren't in teams they were scoring, barkeeping, floorwalking etc etc. Fun all round! 

I'm still smarting from losing my 20 bet. And I thought it was rubbing salt in the wound when the 3 teams which scored 7 on Dams tried to make me cough up 60 - cheeky sods. 

Congratulations to The Firkins on winning a spot prize after 25 years trying and to Universally Challenged for breaking their duck twice. 

It was a slightly more difficult quiz than usual. But the scoring remained pretty high. Congratulations to top team "The Four Stooges" hotly pursued by "Odds and Ends" and then by "Haute Quizine" whose souffle failed to rise on this occasion.